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LBA recognizes that the many considerations for how and when to bring employees back to the office are complex, requiring considerable advance planning.  Knowing what to expect when your teams return to the workplace can assist in your preparations and help to navigate the work environment.

The health, safety and well-being of our customers, employees, service partners, and communities is our highest priority. LBA has worked to develop a thoughtful transition back to the workplace, modifying relevant building protocols, confirming air quality and instituting new training for our employees to help promote a safe and healthy workplace.  


The following guidelines highlight some of the measures LBA has taken to promote a healthy workplace and have been developed in accordance with CDC, Federal, State, and local regulations. 

Face coverings are no longer required for those individuals who are fully vaccinated. We encourage those who have not been vaccinated to use face coverings when entering and exiting the buildings and while in the building common areas.

Elevator occupancy will be limited to posted number of occupants. Face coverings are optional for those fully vaccinated. We ask that unvaccinated occupants utilize face coverings.

Hand sanitizing stations are available in building lobbies and common areas.

Property team members and third-party service providers will be required to wear PPE, including face coverings and gloves while in tenant spaces.


Environmental controls and indoor air quality are critical to maintaining a healthy workplace environment. The LBA team is committed to ensuring our building systems operate in accordance with industry standards. Our indoor air quality program follows ASHRAE’s Standard 62.1 guidelines and LBA is proud to announce that we recently received the UL Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air Quality. 

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HVAC systems have been programmed to maximize outside air intake, increasing ventilation rates and replacing the indoor air at regular intervals. 

Mechanical systems utilize high efficiency MERV-13 (minimum efficiency reporting value) air filters for the maximum allowable filtration specifications per (ASHRAE 2017b).

Coils and air inlet chambers for building HVAC units are cleaned and disinfected in conjunction with each filter change.

Building Systems are monitored by our LBA engineering teams to ensure optimization. 

To promote a touchless environment, hands free devices have replaced standard restroom hardware.

Drinking water systems have been flushed.


In accordance with CDC guidelines, LBA has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols for both building common areas and tenant spaces using EPA registered disinfectants.  

  • Sanitization frequency has been increased for common area high touch surfaces including elevator controls, parking gate equipment and restrooms.
  • Exterior common area seating and trash receptacles are disinfected frequently utilizing electrostatic foggers.
  • Above-standard cleaning and sanitization options are available for tenant suites.  Please contact your on-site management team for additional information.


While the workplace continues to evolve, our property teams are evaluating shared on-site amenities such as conference and meeting spaces, fitness facilities, valet services and on-site dining to ensure safety of use. Some facilities may be currently closed or have reduced occupancy pursuant to state and local mandates.

LBA will continue to monitor all applicable Federal, State and local guidelines for specific updates and the CDC for recommendations on compliance with phased opening criteria.  Working together, we can maintain a healthy work environment.  Let’s be Safe.

Please contact your on-site management team to confirm operations.